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Bläsinge is a village located in southeastern Öland fifteen kilometers from Färjestaden. Öland is a swedish island in the Baltic Sea. Bläsinge village is most famous for its small fishing harbour and beautiful beach. In the summer many tourists pass through the village and in the winter Bläsinge is a calm and beautiful oasis with fifty inhabitants.

The harbour in Bläsinge

In the 1940s the harbour was built for the fishermen in Bläsinge. Today there are only two commercial fishermen left. However, tourism has increased and lots of people visit Bläsinge harbour in the summer.

Bläsinge beach

Bläsinge beach is situated in a bay next to the harbor. The beach attracts many visitors during sunny summer days.

More about Bläsinge

Bläsinge i situated between Gårdby and Norra Möckleby in southeastern Öland. (There are two villages called Bläsinge on Öland).


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